His belief in life and equality

Any law that uplifts the human personality is a just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust. All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality. 

/Dr. King/

Since I can remember myself I have always found myself struggling to speak with people who segregate others based on some characteristic. Nationality, race, sexuality, profession or economical status. When people frame the conversation in terms of us vs them my brain just zooms out and I start to get annoyed. It has ruined some of my networking conversations and even tipped me off from dating somebody, because I just could not understand how one person can be so smart and so unbelievably unjust at the same time. When I hear labelling I’m always near the point of asking “Well who the hell made you so special to talk like that?”

In my opinion it is the lack of intelligence mixed with laziness. It is the fear of unknown and different. It might be all of the uncompleted dreams and frustrations about ones life. But most of all it is lack of love for life, humanity and this world.

So in case you didn’t know – I’m not the one who will listen to your labelling bullshit.


Going bananas in June

Follow the movement, DELETE accounts! Nah, I’m not there yet, but a month without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest sounds like a good reset plan. 

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2 am feelings

At the end of the day we should’t get frustrated, angry or sad about somebody not feeling the way we want them to feel. That is life.  Real deep feelings are individual experiences that happen out of our control. The good and the bad, the exciting and the let downs…all of which are intentional triggers…

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If you pass the first sleep phase, you’re screwed

Unless you’re a student who needs to start&finish some long delayed paper. In my experience imagination and time effectiveness usually work the best in short time frame, sleep deprivation under the possibility of failing. (I’m not saying that the best ideas come from it, but there’s always something to get you to that minimum word…

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Run, run more, until your fear is tired to run with you

There’s no such thing as easy running against all odds. Pushing yourself again and again towards something that is so hard to define. (inner motivator?) Failing miserably on your face and trying to get back up without the glorious fear free plan. But if you run more, push yourself more and fall more, it becomes less and…

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Delayed decisions add tax

Always check two boxes – are you ready and do you really want it? 

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