Delayed decisions add tax

Always check two boxes – are you ready and do you really want it? 

When we were kids, we knew what we wanted. We knew how to ask for it. We slept better and enjoyed the day from dawn till dusk. Easily. “No, thank you”, “Yes, please” and “I want”.

Then someone explained you what is okay to want and what is not. And that was the beginning of your hesitation to decide. Is it good, bad and can I ? Three most mistaken words. Often questioned and used like a law by many.

At some point something did not click and you or somebody else told it was a mistake. Next time you had to choose, you thought longer.. Because nobody likes to repeat mistakes. Except, maybe, scientists, who love the process of challenging cases.

Fear of not living up to the expectations, of not fulfilling the hopes of your loved ones, of not reaching your full potential, of screwing up the great big plan. Fear of hurting others, of being weird or not in line with the majority. 

So you hesitate.

Truth is – too long hesitation often echos in rushed decisions. Just because we hate to be bothered by not making one. You know, the feeling of something unfinished behind your neck.

Yes, you’re risking unfulfilled expectations, regretful memories and wasted time. But the decision won’t go away. And the longer you hesitate the more possible it is for you to make rushed or tired  choice.

For the decisions that affect only you and does no harm to anyone else, what really matters are these two questions – are you ready and do you really want it? 

And the answers should be either yes or no.

No buts, no ifs, no maybe.
If the answer is maybe, it’s not it.
It there’s a but within you, it’s not it.
If you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop or for something better it’s not it.

But if it’s just fear, remember that we all make mistakes, we learn from them, it drives us to be better. Think about it as the background for everything good that is coming your way. Otherwise, how can you say you have lived your life fully?

So –  are you ready and do you really want it?


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