Amsterdamthe city of freedom thas has been gained and lost at the same time. While I did not have any grand expectations of my trip there, I did indeed felt as if some part of me wished it was different. Cultural and mesmerising during the day, while packed and crowded by the night. If I had to describe Amsterdam in one word, it would be – search. Search of new pleasures and advenures, of feeling free and unattainable. Search of getting lost in a moment and feeling happiness.

And at the same time it’s a loss of any borders or lines of integrity. You walk around the red light district and all you can see is naked women in the windows and a lot of drunk window shoppers looking and desiring, screaming and laughing men who look like animals that have been let out of the cage for the very first time. I must say, although I’m not against freedom, I do feel comfort in some basic behavior norms. Otherwise in a place where everything is for sale, you have two roles to play – either you are a meat or a butcher, unless you want to be an outsider, which is also an option?!

I even found myself in a Buddhist temple in a middle of the old town, right before we checked out the first adult toy shop a couple of streets further.

Despite or maybe because of this diversity Amsterdam is a must. For all the street art, boats, bike traffic and beautiful arhitecture. For all the mixed emotions you will have. Go there! Try it out. But maybe go there with a group with fun friends. Definitely a strange place to have a family vacation.

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